Cioran on Suicide

What saved me is the idea of suicide. Without the idea of suicide I would have surely killed myself. What allowed me to keep on living was knowing I had this option, always in sight... But really, without it I could have never endured life.

The impression of being stuck down here... For me the idea of suicide is linked with the idea of freedom. I realized that in life, very few people have understood, even really great writers haven't understood anything. People with talent, but who are worth nothing!

You can meet someone just like that in the streets or in a bistro, it's a revelation. It's someone who has went in-depth, who has tackled the great problem.

"Life without the courage for death is slavery" - Seneca

La chute dans le temps - The Fall into Time

Music: Romanian orthodox song Miluieste-ma Dumnezeule

Before the Exodus: E.M. Cioran and The Iron Guard

Before moving to an 'Apocalyptic Garage' (Paris, France), Romanian philosopher Cioran, like his friend Mircea Eliade, was an active supporter and intellectual of the Legionary Movement.

The song you hear is "Flamme" by Allerseelen.  Allerseelen are the experimental, post-industrial and military pop music works of Austrian musician Gerhard Petak, aka Kadmon. The German name is translated into English as All Souls' Day. Their music is inspired by nature and has a strong philosophical/alchemical context inspired by the writings of Friedrich Nietzsche, Carl Jung, Ernst Jünger, and Julius Evola.