Jenseits - Cioran II

Jenseits – Cioran II – Lyrics / Notes – English

Emile Cioran

It means
Doing the void around yourself
Erasing reality
Considering the world just as a pretense

Around The Corner

It’s just around the corner

A. Ferrara’s “The Addiction” in the end of the song…

Another Day (The Cure)

Creature Remnants

(I relit the cigarette… what a shame…)
Potties, adolescents, wimps
Metaphysical menopauses
A creature remnant
A wild eyed puppet

My Anesthesia

Circulate, blood
Go through your flexible way
Customized for your running

Circulate, blood
Go through your flexible way
Blow up the temples and heart
Give me a good mood

Going On With Cowardly

I’m entering
Going on with cowardly
The innermost being of things


Jenseits – Cioran – Lyrics / Notes – English

It’s Worth It

I painted the terrace,
The walls, the railings
For four hours
During which
I didn’t think about anything
It’s worth it.

Text taken from the memoirs of Emile Cioran. On the lines of: “I don’t believe that my total lack of adherence to the world is a matter of pride, I don’t have this alibi. It just belongs to all my being, everything I am not”.


My gray substrate is irrigating
My material substrate
My pineal gland
With large drafts
Neuroses are cleared away
And full
My cave silences
With fitter simpers

A little jingle (as it seems in Italian) by the author.
Voices in the last part are taken from “The Driller Killer”, the first non-porn movie by Abel Ferrara. A girl wants her boyfriend to finish and sell his painting to make some money.


I was made for futility
And for frivolity
But sufferings
Pounced on me

Emile Cioran again. From his “diary”, where this lyric goes on to end like this: “… Condemning me to seriousness, for which I haven’t got any aptitude.” And again: “I am not a writer, I can’t find the right words to explain what I feel, what I suffer. ‘Talent’ is concerned with being able to fill the distance that is between life and language. For me, this distance is always there, empty, and it’s impossible to fill or to avoid. I leave in an automated sadness, I’m an elegiac robot”.

The Eye Tail

Behind the corner – in the eye tail
Behind the corner – receving nervation
Behind the corner – darkling admixture of possibilities
Behind the corner – something like dreaming energy
Behind the corner – in the eye tail

Wrote this song several years ago…

The Roosters

This is from “The Driller Killer” again: The killer and a girl are in a pub where a punk group called the Roosters are making their exhibition…

The Tenant

This is for “The Tenant” by Roman Polanski. The voices are from the Italian edition of the movie.

As If In A Dream

I’m always playing
I’m always playing

It’s Worth It [reprise]

You’ll never be full of that
You will always be looking for that
Preferably where there is not
Because without sadness
Everything will look futile and cloudy

These last lines are from Cioran, who simply wrote as an aphorism: “I hesitate”.

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