Anathemas and Admirations

Anathemas and Admirations
First edition: Little Brown and Company, Boston, 1987

Exercices d'admiration, 1986 and Aveux et anathèmes, 1987

Exercices d'admiration, Essais et portraits
Première édition: Paris, Gallimard, 1986
224 pages, 125 x 190 mm. Collection Arcades (No 8)
ISBN 2070706109

pour "Valéry face à ses idoles"
Première édition: Éditions de L'Herne, 1970
47 pages
ISBN 2851972146

pour "Joseph de Maistre, essai sur la penseé réactionaire"
Première édition: Éditions Fata Morgana, 1977
Broché - 78 pages, Dimensions (en cm) : 1 x 15 x 23
ISBN : 2851941720

Aveux et anathèmes
Première édition: Paris, Gallimard, 1987
154 pages, 125 x 190 mm. Collection Arcades (No 11)
ISBN 2070708306

Description (Arcade Publishing):
Cioran faces other great writers and thinkers whose ideas have shaped the world, drawing portraits of Beckett, Borges, Fitzgerald, and others.

In this collection of essays and epigrams, E.M. Cioran gives us portraits and evaluations--which he calls "admirations"--of Samuel Beckett, Jorge Luis Borges, F. Scott Fitzgerald, the poet Paul Valery, and Mircea Eliade, among others. In alternating sections of aphorisms--his "anathemas"--he delivers insights on such topics as solitude, flattery, vanity, friendship, insomnia, music, mortality, God, and the lure of disillusion.

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