Delayed indefinitely

Here in one volume, are the thirty-four notebooks Cioran left behind at his death, not a journal but a sort of exercise manual, in which he tries out his formulations, perfects the expression of his obsessions and whims. The notebooks are rich in anecdotes, accounts of meetings, portraits of friends and enemies, descriptions of excursions and sleepless nights. Here are the lists, day after day, of failures, sufferings, anxieties, terrors, rages, and humiliations,curiously at odds with the daytime Cioran, so mocking and tonic, so comical and various. These brief entries constitute a backstage glimpse of a tormented mind, wise in its very torments, solitary in its wisdom.

Hardcover: 320 pages
Publisher: Arcade Publishing
Language: English
ISBN: 1559706325


  1. I have read "Notebooks" in their excellent Polish translation by Ireneusz Kania.
    This is vintage Cioran unplugged; witty, despairing, incisive in his brevity, and painfully true in his journey of self-discovery and wisdom. That the work of this magnitude should struggle to see the light of day in the English language is astounding to say the very least.

  2. Does anyone know what is holding up the publication of "Notebooks?"

  3. Was the English translation ever published?

    If not, is there anywhere on the web that has anyone else’s English translations?